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Here are some of the visitors to the club talking about what the Hub means to them.

As a result of the wonderful care shown by so many we are continuing with an ambitious plan of provision for the community.  We are expanding our offers to provide a number of extra events so that people who may be challenged by the cost of living crisis are able to come to the Hub, enjoy a meaningful activity and keep warm.

Over the last year our data shows that the Hub received over 2,000 visits from parents and babies, those seeking help with IT, youngsters coming in after school and attending two evening youth clubs and many older residents enjoying two clubs especially for them.

We are adding to this additional events such as invited speaker experts on gardening, working hard to support our partners in providing a Christmas Day Lunch free of charge to those who need it at home or want to join the party at the local Memorial Hall.  We are also able to provide free mobile phone services to those families who qualify.

You should know that the Sue Osborne Trophy continues to be awarded to a young person who has demonstrated loyalty and outstanding contributions to the youth club.  This year it was awarded to a young man Yayo Summers. This event always engenders some lovely and sad thoughts about Sue who was such a driving force in the establishment of the trust.

None of the above would be possible without the support you and others give us. 

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