A fantastic thank you to all our fundraisers!

Your support means so much to the trustees, staff and volunteers.

How you can help:

As a Co-op card holder you can opt in to raising funds for the Hub.  As you register your card or scan your QR code every time you shop funds are generated for the Hub.

You will be helping to provide up to £5,000 of much needed funds.    Thanks to the tremendous support of the local community who have responded by increasing their personal giving. The fund raising for this year is creeping up to the amount we were planning to raise before the parish council’s decision.

When you buy selected Co-op products and services, 2p for every £1 spent goes into your membership account. And we’ll split the same between like-minded organisations and local causes.

Please go online to your co-op Account and opt into the Hub. We need your support.


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Click on the image above and sign up to donate to The Hub for FREE every time you shop online

You can give to The Hub monthly directly from your bank

account. If you would like

to add your name to our

monthly donors (Gift

Aided £3.00 raises £43 a

year; 100 persons £4,000+)

then please contact Peter who has the forms:

Tel: 07974573582

Email chairhhcc@gmail.com.

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Click here to give a one time donation:


Whenever you buy from Amazon, a donation can be sent to The Hub. Sign up by clicking on the picture below.

We only have three people active on the “easyfundraising” scheme at the moment. It does not cost you anything and is really easy to use.  Both causes generate valuable funds for us. Just ask if you would like help with this. It is estimated that if every supporter joined we would raise around £500 per year.

We need a minimum of £66,000 every year  to maintain the ambitious programme identified by the Trustees as being essential. In 2020 we lost a key partner, the parish council. This leaves a  gap of £20,000 in our fund raising for 2022-23. The local Community through donations and sponsorship create an incredible £20,000 and successful grant applications will make up the remainder. Every penny is necessary income, every activity undertaken at the Hub is subject to rigorous scrutiny by the Trustees who ensure the efficacy of the programme and is viewed by the beneficiaries as important in their lives. Every single one of them is grateful for the magnificent support offered by our generous community. The trustees are absolutely committed to our community and we will do everything in our power not to let them down.

To discuss any matters on this page, contact Peter Crathorne, the Chairman on 07974573582, chairhhcc@gmail.com  

Our Funders

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