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The Joy of Volunteering

The Hub relies heavily on the generosity of our many volunteers. With the support of our employed staff and trustees some thirty people already enjoy the friendly and supportive social interactions that stem from their volunteering as well as the satisfaction of serving their community. The Hub operates in every sphere of the age range from babies to those who are more elderly. 

Jill is one of our coffee bar volunteers. she won’t mind us telling you she is 92 and spends a couple of hours each week working behind the counter for the after-school coffee bar. The young people love her, she is like everyone’s grandmother and just as cheeky. 


Steve has been faithfully driving his car every Thursday morning to ensure that three of our Thursday club members arrive on time and get home safely. Without him these three ladies would spend most of their time alone at home. His help means they get to join in with the happy and fulfilling atmosphere that the Thursday’s senior group enjoy.


Charlie is doing his Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme by volunteering at youth club and gets great satisfaction from making sure that the youth leaders have the help they need.


We have volunteering opportunities to suit everyone: young and old; those with plenty of time and those with just a little. Some are on a weekly rota, others just help when they are free. We have those who work mainly from home on our telephone help line. Some want training to grow their skills and experience others just the satisfaction of doing something for someone else. All share on thing in common - THEY LOVE IT.  It’s great fun and brings them a wider circle of friends. 


If you would like to know more then contact us at the Hub through the usual channels. 

John is our brilliant deliverer of building works, saving the Hub £100’s by supervising and working on major refurbishment projects that mean we can improve our centre for just the cost of the materials.


John works mainly from home ensuring that our accounts are perfect and we are kept up to date with the state of our finances

John G

Jo gives her expertise to the parents and babies group ensuring there is always a wise person to talk to new and stressed parents.


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