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Sophie - Executive Officer

I'm Sophie and I've been at the hub since 2015. I'm smaller than most of the young people I support and they often remind me of it at every opportunity

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Faith - Youth Leader

Kim- Youth Leader

Lewis - Youth Leader

Lauren - Youth Leader

I am Kim... I have been at The Hub 17 years and known for my Unicorn hair colour...

I am Faith, I am caring, fun filled and love to laugh.

Hello my name is Lewis James, I'm 26 and from Birmingham. I'd like to think of myself as someone with a passion for different sports and the knowledge to match

Hello my name is Lauren and  I am a youth worker. I have a BA (Hons) degree in working with children, young people and families and qualified safeguard training. I have professionally worked with children for 6 years, along with raising 2 of my own.

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Andy - Youth Leader

I'm Andy, a father of one teenage boy and a cat dad of 2! In between youth work and High School mentoring I'm a full time chef and enjoy teaching youths basic cooking skills and promoting healthy alternatives.  I can ride a bike backwards and I'm a huge Marvel geek and a fan of Lego!!


Margaret Tomlinson


Sally Harfield


Penny Stott


John Garner

Peter Crathorne


Gail Shuttleworth


Chris Duffin


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Tim Sturges

Mike Bleby

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Derek Hill

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Peter Ford