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How you can help:

As a Co-op card holder you can support the Hub by choosing to support us. Register your card or scan your QR code every time you shop, funds are then allocated for the Hub.

You will be helping to provide up to £5,000 of much needed funds.    Thanks to the tremendous support of the local community who have responded by increasing their personal giving.

THE HUB AT HENLEY COMMUNITY CENTRE is part of the @Coopuk Local Community Fund, to find out more about our project and to choose us as your cause, click here


Click on the image above and sign up to donate to The Hub for FREE every time you shop online

Click here to give a one time donation:

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

You can give to The Hub monthly directly from your bank

account. If you would like

to add your name to our

monthly donors (Gift

Aided £3.00 raises £43 a

year; 100 persons £4,000+)

then please contact Peter who has the forms:

Tel: 07974573582


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You can also donate using the Paypal Giving Fund.
Click the link below

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